On April 28 the movie premiere of the documentary “Ganz: How I lost my Beetle” By Suzanne Raes took place at the Louwman museum in Holland. Around 200 invited guests enjoyed the movie for the very first time in a great atmosphere, honoring Josef Ganz’s achievements in automobile industry. After the movie premiere the restored Standard Superior Type 1 from the crowdfunding project was presented to the public. Dutch TV interviewed author Paul Schilperoord and Ganz relative Lorenz Schmid.

Movie Premiere in Holland, April 28 – “Ganz: How I lost my Beetle”

Dutch journalist with Paul Schilperoord and Lorenz Schmid

Paul Schilperoord interviewed in the restored Standard Superior Type 1

The Standard Superior Type 1 is being transported to the museum

After the premiere: Paul Schilperoord with family members Maja Oberholzer-von Tolnai, Lorenz Schmid and Brigit Geiser

Ganz-relative Lorenz Schmid, director Suzanne Raes and author Paul Schilperoord (from left to right)