After WWII, Josef Ganz came into contact with the Société des Études Automobiles M. A. Julien in France, which developed two cars with the help of Josef Ganz and his experiences with the Rapid “Swiss Volkswagen”, the MM5 (1947-1949) and MM7 (1949). Both cars were exclusively made with a convertible body. The MM5 was fitted with a 1-cylinder 325 cc engine placed in front of the rear axle. The 1-cylinder engine of the MM7 was a little bit larger at 368 cc.

The MM5 was produced in limited numbers from 1947 to 1949. The MM7 was introduced in 1949, but the company seized its activities shortly afterwards.

Julien MM5 with the MM7 in the background at the factory in Paris

Surviving cars
In contrary to the Julien MM7, several examples of the MM5 are known to still exist. In 2013, a fully restored 1947 Julien MM5 belonging to the former Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum was sold in auction for USD 54,625. If you have more information about the whereabouts of any of these cars please contact us.

1947 Julien MM5 formerly owned by the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum

Unrestored Julien MM5

Unrestored Julien MM5