12 September 2020
Swiss Movie Premiere “Ganz: How I lost my Beetle” in Swiss Museum of Transport
On 12 September the documentary film about Josef Ganz will be screened at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne. The 85-minute movie by director Suzanne Raes, “Ganz: How I lost my Beetle”, is based on the books of Paul Schilperoord. At this event the German version will be presented, with the English version played on headphones for non-german speaking visitors.

Josef Ganz in the Maikäfer, 1931

A special exhibition with the three most important vehicles by Josef Ganz, the Maikäfer, the Standard Superior and the Swiss Volkswagen rounds off the event – a world premiere! Click here to learn more.

Photomontage shows the cinema in the Museum of Transport in Lucerne with the film “Ganz: How I lost my beetle”.

28 April 2019
International Movie Premiere of the documentary “Ganz: How I lost my Beetle”
On April 28 the movie premiere of the documentary “Ganz: How I lost my Beetle” By Suzanne Raes took place at the Louwman museum in Holland. Around 200 invited guests enjoyed the movie for the very first time in a great atmosphere, honoring Josef Ganz’s achievements in automobile industry. After the movie premiere the restored Standard Superior Type 1 from the crowdfunding project was presented to the public. Dutch TV interviewed author Paul Schilperoord and Ganz relative Lorenz Schmid. Find more information by clicking here.

23 September 2017
Unveiling of a heritage plaque at Edgewater Towers
Unveiling of a heritage plaque at Edgewater Towers, the St Kilda apartment block where automotive engineer Josef Ganz lived for a number of years up until his death. Port Phillip council’s heritage plaque reads that notable residents of Edgewater Towers, Melbourne’s first privately developed high rise apartment block, include “Joseph Ganz, the Jewish automotive engineer who was the originator of the Volkswagen” and “Sir Hubert ‘Oppy’ Opperman, renowned cyclist and politician”.

The heritage plaque on the Marine Parade frontage of Edgewater Towers

26 – 27 May 2016
Symposium “Auf dem Weg zum Volkswagen. Konstrukteure, Modelle und die Macht der NS-Diktatur”
Two-day symposium, organized by Volkswagen and the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, including a presentation by author Paul Schilperoord entitled ‘Josef Ganz as a Driving Force for Innovation’.

8 – 11 January 2015
London Classic Car Show – James May’s 13 Cars That Changed The World
As part of the London Classic Car Show, former Top Gear-presenter James May opened his temporary exhibition James May’s 13 Cars That Changed The World, which included the chassis of a 1933 Standard Superior, according to James May: “Quite possibly the bare bones of the best-selling car ever”.

Standard Superior chassis on show at the London Classic Car Show

1 June 2014
Pre ’67 Volkswagen Vintage Show Louwman Museum
During this event at the Louwman Museum in The Hague, The Netherlands, author Paul Schilperoord presented a new edition of his Dutch book Het Geheim van Hitlers Volkswagen and together with the museum’s director Ronald Kooijman presented an unrestored 1946 Rapid “Swiss Volkswagen” for the permanent collection.

Unveiling the 1946 Rapid “Swiss Volkswagen” at the Louwman Museum

3 October 2012
Live from the NYPL: Paul Schilperoord on Josef Ganz
Author Paul Schilperoord gave a lecture about the English edition of his book, entitled The Extraordinary Life of Josef Ganz, at the New York Public Library in New York, USA.

24 – 25 March 2012
Volksworld Show
Author Paul Schilperoord gave a presentation about the English edition of his book, entitled The Extraordinary Life of Josef Ganz, at the Volksworld Show at Sandown Park, Esher, UK.

25 June 2011
9. Internationales Bad Camberger VW-Veteranen-Treffen
Author Paul Schilperoord gave a presentation about the German edition of his book, entitled Die wahre Geschichte des VW Käfers, during the 9. Internationales Bad Camberger VW-Veteranen-Treffen in Bad Camberg, Germany.

14 May 2011
Verkehrshaus der Schweiz – Book presentation
The German edition Die wahre Geschichte des VW Käfers by Paul Schilperoord was officially introduced at the Verkehrshaus der Schweiz in Luzern, Switzerland.

27 September 2009
Nationaal Oldtimer Festival – Book presentation
The first edition of the Dutch book Het Ware Verhaal van de Kever by Paul Schilperoord was officially introduced during the Nationaal Oldtimer Festival at the Zandvoort race track in the Netherlands. During this event, Paul Schilperoord and Lorenz Schmid drove a lap around the track in Josef Ganz’s 1931 May Bug prototype.

Paul Schilperoord (behind the wheel) and Lorenz Schmid driving the 1931 May Bug prototype