Michel Borzykowski and Ilan Lew have published the book “Objets transmissionnels – Liens familiaux à la Shoah” (2019, published by Slatkine, Geneva). In this work, with a foreword by Boris Cyrulnik and former Federal Councillor Ruth Dreifuss, the authors portray people of the second and third generations after the Holocaust in text and images, together with an object that connects them to this terrible event.

As my vehicle, the Standard Superior Type 2, was on display in Geneva, in the concept store “La Maison de l’Horlogerie”, Michel Borzykowski approached me. He also liked to photograph me with my “object” – the vehicle that, through Josef Ganz, connects me to the terrible events surrounding the genocide of the Jews. I am happy to share the pictures with you.

Michel Borzykowski and his co-author Ilan Lew are planning exhibitions in French-speaking Switzerland that will illuminate this exciting topic with the portraits in the book.  I will gladly keep you up to date!

Link to the book: https://www.slatkine.com/fr/editions-slatkine/73808-book-05210948-9782832109489.html

Link to the website with the dates of exhibitions: http://www.borzy.info/Projets.htm