We have been a little bit quiet in our communication, but only because we were working very hard to finalize the restoration project. After a couple more trips to firma Mebero s.r.l., Dr. A. Bilciurescu in Cluj – Rumania, and sourcing the last missing original parts, we are very excited to report a 95% completion of our project!

In the past 2 months we were working against a tight deadline to finalize the car for filming the final scenes for the documentary about Josef Ganz, which will be completed this year. We just made in time for the car to be delivered to Germany and filmed at the Volkswagen Boxer Bergisches Land (VWBBL) meeting in Haan this past Sunday, where the car was received with great enthusiasm.

Standard Superior Type 1 with restored bodywork and original Bosch headlights

Standard Superior Type 1 with restored bodywork

As planned, our car was finished in the original color scheme silver gray bodywork/wheels with dove blue fenders. After finding the original silver gray paint for the wheels, we found a nice dove blue paint, silver gray artificial leather for the bodywork and period blue upholstery. All lights, switches and dashboard instruments are original period parts we were able to source.

Dashboard with all original switches and instruments

Although the car looks complete and is running, we still have a few last things to do. These include installing a better ignition system (right now the car still has the Trabant P50 ignition, as the original was missing) and an original radiator. Amazingly, we were able to find an original radiator for the Standard Superior, manufactured by Längerer & Reich in Stuttgart, from a good friend in the oldtimer scene.

Once we have finalized the car we will wait for the premiere of the documentary, which will take place within the next few months. After that, we will prepare for a great unveiling event at the Louwman Museum in Den Haag.

In the meantime you can enjoy a short video of a first test-run with the car: